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Despite popular belief, fax is still a powerful messaging tool. Every business has a fax, and Messij can help you reach out to them effectively with our fax messaging solutions.

Reach out to clients and small business

Faxing is still an important part of business around the world. Thousands of contracts, invoices, and other important documents are all sent each day via fax due to its time-tested reliability and ease of use. It's quick and easy to sign a printout and fax it back to the recipient, and Messij can help you transmit your documents easily via the web or right from your email.

Faxing is also a powerful marketing tool, with faxes offering a great callback rate and ensuring your message gets out to as many eyes as possible. Messij can help you reach your target market with a number of features to make it simple and hassle free.

Choice of formats

Internet faxing often requires you to convert your document into the right format before sending. Messij supports the most popular formats, so you never need to convert again. Just upload your document or email it using our email to fax service, and we will convert and send it to your destinations. Hassle free and easy to use.

Messij supports the following formats:
  • Microsoft Word: .DOC/.DOCX
  • Microsoft Excel: .XLS/.XLSX
  • Microsoft Powerpoint: .PPT/.PPTX
  • PDF: .PDF
  • JPG: .JPG

Email to Fax

Messij also supports Email to Fax messages. Just attach your document to an email and send it to fax_number@fax.e2x.messij.com and we'll send it on to the recipient. Authenticate via a password, or confirmation email to stop unauthorised messages.

Email to Fax also supports bulk sends. Just list the addresses in the destination address, include them in the email body, or attach a CSV of destinations. It's flexible and easy to use.

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