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  • Messaging Solutions for your business

    Whether you want to send to 1 or 10,000 contacts, Messij can help you reach your customers easily and effectively. Pricing from 10c/SMS, 12c/Fax and 0.04c/Email.

  • Email to SMS/Fax

    Messij lets you send faxes or SMS messages directly from your email. Just attach your fax document or type in your sms message, and your message will be sent instantly. Set your recipients via the 'To' address, or a CSV.

  • Emoji + Unicode

    Emoji + Unicode Support

    Make your message stand out with full support for Emoji and Unicode characters. Choose from over 600 icons in the standard Emoji set, or send your message in any language, straight from the browser. No encoding steps necessary!

  • Choice of Formats

    Send your fax message in a variety of formats. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, PNG, and more. All are accepted, converted and sent to your destinations.

Effective messaging solutions for your business

SMS Messaging

Notify customers of product updates, keep in contact with your team, or send out server downtime alerts, for as low as 10c per message. more info »

Fax Messaging

Fax broadcasting can get your message out to your target market effectively, and Messij has competitive rates to help you achieve your goals. Create and manage broadcast lists to keep track of your customers. more info »

International Broadcasts

Messij can broadcast your message world wide, with competitive pricing on worldwide broadcasts. Emoji support makes your SMS stand out, and full Unicode lets you send messages in any language you want. more info »

Live Reporting

Get up to date information on your broadcast with live reporting, and track individual messages and statuses. Each message is tracked individually, so you can see exactly whether a message has been delivered, or transmission has failed for whatever reason. more info »

Easy to use toolbox

The Messij toolbox allows you to create and send your messages and broadcasts quickly and easily. Track the progress of your messages as they are delivered with live updates. read more »

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